“LeTip of Freehold has been the best networking meeting I have joined, meeting new business people, to share marketing ideas and to be part of a power groups extends my home improvement’s reach.  In terms of advertising and marketing it has brought me $100 for every dollar spent into LeTip “you reap what you sow.” - Andrew, Carpet Network of Morganville

“I have been a member for two years; I not only have treated Le Tip members and their families, but have also developed trusting relationships for my own family and friends.  Now I know owners of businesses that I can rely on and refer to." Dr. Sergio, Advanced EYE Professionals, LLC

“My business is based on trust; my best clients have come from referrals. Imagine having 100 people speaking to their contacts about you. The recommendations are powerful and with them come instant creditability.”- Chris, Financial Advisor

“I remember the very first morning mixer our chapter had.  I had been in about a year and a half and my testimonial was that I had already done over $30,000 worth of business.  Given the fact that I have been in another ten years since then and have in many cases maintained relationships with former members in addition to doing business with current members....how much money do you think I have made??” - Karen, The Jordan Real Estate Group  

“Within my first year of joining LeTip, I more than tripled my business.  I am so grateful that I joined.  This is simply the most supportive and professional group of people that I have ever encountered.”  - Kristen, AccuLaserUSA

I had been asked for many years to join Freehold LeTip.  I kept finding excuses, and finally decided to see what it's all about.  I am kicking myself for not joining sooner.  I have now been a member for 2 years.  Last year alone I had over 200 tips, that's 4 a week, and I don't have to pay a sales person!  Being a member of LeTip does not mean just the members of this chapter, I receive orders from members of other chapters because they want to give the business to LeTip family members.  I feel best though when I give other members tips. I have become a great resource for my friends, neighbors and relatives because I have all these great businesses to work with.” - Jackie, Cartridge Renewal Systems