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Onita Luisi was born and raised in East London, shortly after moving to New York Onita opened her flagship salon Chips, which was much more than a place to get your hair done.

A pioneer in curly hair techniques Onita offered her guests the most advanced hair and beauty services available, in an elegant  and relaxing setting.

On any given day Chips is full of discerning customers all of whom are treated to the Onita Luisi experience by Onita and her team of expert stylists and colorists. Onita has set the trend by providing curly hair solutions few can duplicate.

Onita has fashioned the most influential curly hair solutions in New Jersey.

Onita remains one of the most celebrated of names in the hair and beauty industry. Onita’s sexy, elegant carefree style is still the choice for todays women on the go.

An International stylist Onita has appeared on stage all over the world and remains at the top of the hair and beauty industry, whilst at the same time redefining the salon experience.


For your personal experience call Chips 732-431-9070