Welcome to  the Freehold Chapter of LeTip.

About LeTip

LeTip is a professional referral & networking organization that provides business leads for its members. LeTip is the oldest international networking organization and has proudly existed for over 40 years.  The success of LeTip has been driven by the high standards of excellence and professionalism of its members.  There are many Chapters of LeTip nationwide with each Chapter serving as a strong sales force/ referral force  for its members. Each Chapter has its own Board of Directors that is voted upon by its members.

About Our Freehold Chapter

The Freehold Chapter can proudly boast that it is the largest LeTip Chapter in the country with over 100 local businesses at its membership core. Each member in the Freehold Chapter owns & operates an established business in the local area and is in good standing with the local community. Each Chapter member is fully vetted before joining, and held to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our members, known for their professionalism, dedication, & commitment to each other, work hard to generate business-building referrals for each other in line with our mission of advancing LeTip’s reputation as the nation’s premier professional leads organization. At Freehold LeTip, we help each member grow his or her business by providing legitimate business tips or referrals which are solid business leads that members would not otherwise receive on their own. Freehold LeTip is a powerhouse of business-building resources to grow your business.  

The Freehold Chapter of LeTip meets weekly to learn about each other’s expertise, build solid business relationships, exchange qualified leads, build alliances and generate business-building ideas for each other. Only one representative of any given profession/ business category is accepted into our Chapter to avoid conflicts of interest among its members.  Our Chapter is a reliable source of local business professionals that we are proud to recommend to other businesses, clients, family, friends, neighbors and community members. We are proud to help each other become a successful business owners.

How Does Freehold LeTip Help the Community?

Freehold LeTip is not only a premier business leads organization, but a socially responsible group of business people. Our members positively impact our local communities and national organizations through philanthropy, volunteerism, community outreach, fund-raising, charitable donations, and contribution of our time and expertise.  We invite our members, other LeTip Chapters and all visitors to join in these efforts and actively support our causes.

How Can LeTip Help Your Business

LeTip will grow your business by providing qualified business leads and referrals.

  • We have a proven plan for member success.
  • We provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.
  • Considering that over 50% of new business comes from referrals, joining LeTip increases your exposure, saving you marketing time & expense.
  • We offer category exclusivity – once you’ve joined, your competition can’t.
  • Providing a forum for you to present & display your unique business.

How To Join

At our Freehold LeTip Chapter, we pass over 300 qualified business leads on a weekly basis to build business for our members! That’s over 15,000 leads a year across all of our business categories. We always welcome new members to strengthen our group. Prospective members can attend two meetings; if interested in becoming a member, an application is completed, your business is vetted and your membership is voted upon by the members. There is a membership fee and quarterly dues to cover the cost of the weekly meeting venue and group activities.


Come see what we are about and join us for breakfast at one of our weekly meetings . The Freehold Chapter meets every week on Thursday morning. 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM


18-20 East Main Street

Freehold, NJ 07728

Call our Membership Chair if you have any questions. Mitchell Beja 732.972.3845 or email Mitchell@mitchellbeja.com

You can also review  our current “Open Categories” on this Website by navigating here.