How is LeTip different from other networking organizations?

LeTip teaches you how to network smarter and gives you the structure from which to grow. It is the cohesiveness of each Chapter as a whole that fuels the success of each member. Rather than just you selling on your own, LeTip provides you with a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified leads each week and that’s really powerful. Remember, referrals are made based on trust & solid relationships. That’s why it is important to attend weekly meetings and build those relationships so your Chapter members will get to know you. The closer the relationships that you build within your Chapter, the better it will work for your business.

Will I see business results as soon as I join?

It takes time to earn the trust of our Chapter members, to become adept in the networking arena, and to learn to promote your business and reputation with confidence. If you expect instant rewards, LeTip is probably not for you. If you want to build long-standing business relationships that will earn you qualified referrals over time, then LeTip is for you. Success in LeTip requires perseverance and relationship-building within your Chapter.  With over 100 members strong, it is clear that the Freehold Chapter of LeTip is successful for its members.

How much does it cost to join LeTip?

There is an initial Membership fee of about $400.00 payable to LeTip International. Each year membership renewal is lower than the initial membership fee & invoiced in the month you joined.

There is also Quarterly Chapter  dues which vary from Chapter to Chapter. Quarterly dues are used to fund Chapter meetings, meals, business mixers and overhead expenses. These costs depend on the size of the Chapter and where the weekly meetings are held. Each chapter sets their own budget. Freehold LeTip Quarterly dues are currently $150. There are NO paid Chapter positions; moreover, LeTip Chapters are not-for-profit groups and fees are based only on the actual chapter operating costs.

When are my dues required to be paid?

Most Chapters collect dues on a quarterly schedule, and the Treasurer will pro-rate new members’ dues when they join to get them on the Chapter’s cycle.  The Chapter’s Board of Directors establishes the amount for each Chapter,  There are NO paid positions or profits involved, only the actual costs.

Who will notify me when I’m accepted for membership?

The Chapter’s Membership Chairperson will call you the day you are voted into the Chapter.  A letter from the President will follow to welcome you to the Chapter.

What Should I do if my Category is filled?

Since LeTip Chapters accept only one representative for any profession, it is not unusual to find your category filled.  There are two options: you can ask for a search in another chapter or you can spearhead the start of a new chapter.  If you call the national LeTip Headquarters at 800-255-3847, they will help you find a chapter where your category is open.

Who Do I contact if I need more information?

The current membership chair is Mitchell Beja, he can be reached at 732-972-3845 or email him at  If you would like more information about another Chapter, you can call LeTip headquarters at (800 255-3847.