Speakers, Showboaters and Greeters – Every Thursday

Greeters should arrive at the meeting by 6:15
Showboaters should be set up by 6:30
Speakers will each have 8 minutes to speak (please allow 2 minutes for questions and testimonials)

If you are unable to greet, showboat or speak as scheduled please switch with someone in the upcoming weeks and notify Insurancebylynngould@gmail.com.

DateSpeakersGreeters Showboaters
05/16/2024Darren WegerCynthia WisenfelderTodd Wallman
Mike FeinMickey EltingSteve Metz
Andrea CastroArielle BrownDaniel Murphy
05/30/2024Todd WallmanCasey Leigh MurphyNeil Slattery
Mickey EltingZena SchweglerMichael Fein
Arielle BrownPat MonterossoDarren Weger
06/06/2024Nicholas ZeikTodd WallmanCasey Leigh Murphy
Lee LedermanLinda DetoreZena Schwegler
Marcelo AlvesDaniel MurphyPat Monterosso
06/13/2024Zena SchweglerMarcelo AlvesLinda Detore
Pat MonterossoLee LedermanTim Hurst
Dave FisherSeth RappoportNicholas Zeik
06/20/2024Linda DetoreTim HurstMarcelo Alves
Nadine GreenNicholas ZeikLee Lederman
Carol KatzDave FisherSeth Rappoport
06/27/2024Seth RappoportNadine GreenDave Fisher
Tim HurstCarol KatzAimee Duffy
Karla IsaacsWendy SilverbergJerome Ferullo
07/04/2024No MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting