• Each month all members are scheduled to visit another member
• The visitation can be completed in person or by video conference for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The purpose is to get to know another member, their business, and how you can refer them to the people in your network.
• Visitation are to be completed before the Last Thursday of each month.
• When you complete your visitation text Joshuwa at 732-585-8239. ( You must let me know you’ve completed your visitation to be taken out of the next scheduled rotation).
• If you don’t complete your visitation, you will be included in the next rotation for next month. ( You’re also welcomed to stay in the rotation if you chose) just let me know


February Scheduled Visitation, due to be completed by 3/7/19 email me at joshuwa@njdeliveryservice.com once visitation is completed.
Simon, David
Fokas, Jerome
Gampel, Alex
Allen, Sondra
Ivry, Bonnie
Tomes, Frances
Hsu, James
Beja, Mitchell
Motroni, Chris
Cittadino, Christine
Evans, Mark
Armstrong, Joshuwa
Thompson, Philip
Lalima, Mario
DiPiazza, Rob
Koppelman, Craig
Bohnyak, Marlene
Isaacs, Karla
Duffy, Aimee
Burke, John
Miklos, Nancyanne
Cangialosi, LoraLee
Schwegler, Zena
Kaplin, Cindi
Bazzurro, John
Schechter, Barbara
Russo, Joe
Seiler, Jonathan
Estevez, Chris
Fuzaylov, Angela
Samuel, Taylor
Levine, Keren
Slattery, Neil
Cohen, Laurence
D’Ambrosio, Susan
Nebb, Paul
Lederman, Lee
Rappoport, Seth
Katz, Carol
Balaban, Mark
Kim, Jay
Bliss, Scott
Shuck, Damon
Papalcure, Gregory
Mallamaci, Gino
Mermelstein, Avi
Peneiras, Sergio
Bianco Jr, Joe
Speranza, John
Carpenter, Jeffrey